Furever Yours Rescue's primary focus is in the care and rescue of dogs, cats and other domestic animals. Beyond rescue, we have developed programs with animals to support the well being of our Seniors and other groups that benefit from our furry friends.


So you are interested in adoption! That’s fantastic because we have great pets looking for homes!

Let’s get you approved and set up to come meet and hopefully take home a new friend!

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Adoption Process.



Our mission is to be a trusted community resource to guide animal owners, promote spay/neuter, provide safe housing to the neglected and unwanted pets of our community and world, to provide sanctuary to pets in need of lifetime care, to raise funds to provide medical care to pets in need, to spread awareness about: the plight of shelter pets, the responsibility of pet ownership, the importance of reducing the number of unwanted dogs, to network and connect with other individuals and organizations to build a positive like minded community that can increase available resources, and to increase the number of people volunteering/donating/and adopting at our rescue and all rescues!


Tiny T Team

Our Tiny T Team service is the other side of our mission. To let people experience the joy and relaxation that animals can bring to their lives.



The success of Furever Yours Rescue depends solely on our volunteers. There are a number of roles that can be worked into your schedule and available time. Your time can make all the difference to finding a pet a Furever home; to help them adjust to their new life; to make it to an important vet appointment and so much more.

Beyond what you provide to these cute and cuddly friends, you will be surprised what they provide to you.

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Welcome to our Cat Community Corner where amazing connections can be made for cats AND people! We utilize an Everyday Adoption Center in the Willow Grove PetSmart to house our adoptable cats saved from the streets, shelters, and community members. Every day we visit our kitties several times and I hope eventually to have enough volunteers to keep our kitty room open during all store hours. Our goals for this space included a sanctuary for vulnerable cats and a safe haven for people who are vulnerable as well. This volunteer position is suitable for any cat lover! But we have chosen to focus on three key groups of people: disabled adults, seniors, and teens. All folks who may find it difficult to be accepted at other locations or made to feel like they aren’t much help. Connecting these people with each other and our cats enriches the lives and all!

Being located in PetSmart has allowed us to create a unique opportunity in our community for adults with disabilities to get involved and volunteer in a safe controlled environment. ADA compliant accommodations, helpful informative staff, calm private area, and simple routine with detailed guidebooks all make it possible for us to welcome some folks who often find themselves turned away at other organizations. Here you are an integral part of the team and you will Gain independence, make meaningful friendships, feel a sense of importance, inclusion, and satisfaction knowing your time matters to the kitties and team who depend on you!


Furever Rescue

Furever has found FurEver homes for hundreds of dogs and cats. We attempt, especially with those with special needs or just are too cute, not to give them extra loving, write a story and take some photos. Here are the latest of those stories.

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