Furever Yours Community Connection

The main mission of Furever Yours Rescue is the rescue of vulnerable animals by providing a safe haven for them and for them to be matched to a loving Furever home. In that process, we also connect with local community groups and veterinarians to complete the circle of life that these loving animals are an integral part of.

Tiny T Team

Our Tiny T Team service is the other side of our mission. To let people experience the joy and relaxation that animals can bring to their lives.

Meet the terrific, tender hearted, and trustworthy Tiny T Team! Tootsie, Truffles, Timony, Trixie, Tilly, and Tango! These special pups get out in the community with our other ambassador Scarlet, who’s far from tiny, to provide education, advocacy, therapy, and decompression opportunities to our local community.

But we don’t stop at dogs! We also have goats who love to be fed bottles and are learning to be yoga goats! We also have a carrier of other animals able to join us for sessions. We have something to fit every need. We service everything from street fairs and parties to nursing homes and schools. We do both volunteer and paid sessions.

We would love to bring the incredible gift of an animal experience to your facility. Our interactions provide a great opportunity to restore and reset. Participants of any type or age will benefit from this time bond with animals and one another while creating unique conversations. The effect of the experience is often felt for days after the visit. Even one visit can completely change and improve the groups energy, productivity, and overall moral. Contract is for more details and to schedule a visit!

A few comments from our hosts:
“ we knew that these visits will be imperative to the mental health of our patients but we never expected to see such an incredible affect on our faculty as well. The spirit in the building is uplifted and the buzz continues for days.“

“ it means so much to see programs like this at my mothers nursing home. It was hard for us to let her go there but knowing that so many fun and exciting things happen makes me feel like she’s in a great and happy place“

“I really enjoy visiting with my father during your session. Thank you for giving us such a pleasant activity to do together. Having dementia has changed our relationship so much but animals is one thing that we can still enjoy together”

“Our residents count the days down on the Calendar until your visits”

Here are more quotes from students about the experience:
Literally the best day of my life. 10/10 would do again. Seriously considered taking a dog home with me.

I loved the relaxed and loving atmosphere. It lifted our spirits and lightened our moods. I enjoyed every second of it!!! They were so super cute and I am very glad that the goats came! I really hope you come back again soon!!!



Cat Rescue

Furever Yours Rescue created a Cat Care Team to run our adoption center located inside the Pet Smart in Willow Grove PA. Here we house our adoptable cats saved from the local community streets and shelters.

Every day we visit our kitties several times and I hope eventually to have enough volunteers to keep our kitty room open during all store hours.



Whether its our Tiny T dogs, cats or goats, Furever Yours Rescue can bring a memorable activity to any fundraiser. Our little baby goats babies are growing up in rescue and will be featured for fundraising events! We love having cuddle sessions, feeding, grooming, And we are currently teaching Goats to jump up so that we can hopefully have some silly yoga sessions.

Carefree lovely events that have everyone smiling!