Adoption Process and Requirements

So you are interested in adoption! That’s fantastic because we have great pets looking for homes!

Let’s get you approved and set up to come meet and hopefully take home a new friend!

First here’s our quick and easy questionnaire which will give us the most important information we need to properly pair our pets with their people.

Return answered questions with pictures of your home.

  • 2 current photos of your home's interior.
  • 1 current photos of your yard.
  • Rabies certificate for current pets.


Full name of ALL household members AND ages
Phone number
Email address

    Key questions
  1. Are you willing to housebreak a dog?
  2. Are you willing to work with a professional trainer and behavioral issues ever arise that are out of your wheelhouse before considering re-surrendering the dog to the rescue?
  3. Do you understand that transitioning a dog can result in behavioral issues such as pacing inappropriate elimination growling chewing defensive behavior aggressive behavior depressed behavior and that each dog will need a unique amount of time to adjust?
  4. Are all the current pets in your home up-to-date on rabies? (Provide certificate)
  5. Are you willing to bring the pet back to OUR NETWORK vets as instructed to finalize included care?
  6. Are you willing to join our private Facebook group forever family to keep in touch and share photos?
  7. Are you currently under any criminal investigation, have any active warrants for any crime, or ever been convicted of animal abuse?
  8. Are you allowed to own pets where you live?
  9. Are all household members in agreement to adopt this pet?

Learn about you questions
  1. Do you have children in the home OR Do children frequently visit the home? What ages?
  2. What other animals live in the home?
  3. Do you have a fenced in yard?
  4. Do you own or rent? City suburbs or other?
  5. What’s your family’s energy level? How would you describe your lifestyle?
  6. What type of dog do you picture yourself with?
  7. What do you consider the most important behaviors or characteristics in a dog you adopt?


What to expect
   from Adoptions

Let me tell you a little bit about what to expect from adoptions at Furever .

All our dogs are dog friendly, kid friendly, and can be cat tested. Unless otherwise noted our pets are dog, cat, and family friendly. We are very upfront about our pets and their personalities.

No guarantees can ever be made with animals but our pets are all evaluated prior to adoption and thoughtfully placed based on their unique strengths and limitations. They will be UTD medically and may have required return visits for more vet care based on their needs.

We are looking for adopters committed to the concept of rescue and eager to become a partner in changing the life of their new pet. People willing to invest time and energy in a successful relationship and healthy.???? We require families to be prepared to work with a trainer and to be willing to work on housebreaking in their home to adopt with us.

Once you’ve decided to work with us and found a pet you like or let us recommend one to you then it’s time to meet our pets at their foster home-most often in Ambler. On that day you will meet your pet and take them home for an in-home trial period. Just to make sure it’s a great fit for everyone!

We require each adopter to join our private Facebook group Furever Family to keep in touch!


Our package

Our package is incredibly inclusive to the point most people say this is too much at pick up! You can expect:

  • Spay neuter
  • Microchip
  • Rabies*1
  • Distemper* 1-4
  • Lepto* 2
  • Bordetella if desired
  • Heartworm test-pets over 6 months
  • Health cert for pets from out of state prior to travel
  • De-worming
  • Current on: Flea tick prevention and Heartworm prevention
  • Starter food
  • Treats
  • Toy
  • Poop bag dispenser
  • 30-45 min training session at your local Petsmart
  • Exclusive Petsmart Coupons including free over night stay in hotel and doggie day camp visit. 30% off first groom too!
  • Access to Furever Family private FB group
  • Collar Leash harness * as long as correct fit is available
  • Seasonal extras like clothes, safety devices, etc.


Important Details

Here’s some more important details!

Breed listing and age is a guess not a promise!

Your pup must be Spayed/Neutered ASAP once 16 weeks of age- you may not opt to wait till a year or later. All surgeries must be scheduled, within a week of adoption, under the pets rescue name and preformed at Emancipet or Providence Animal Center. No reimbursement for outside providers.

Training is a normal part of pet ownership and professional help is sometimes needed. If you are not able or willing to provide your pet professional training do not adopt from us.

Flea tick and Heartworm prevention are important and required to be continued after adoption as prescribed.

Adult dogs (or any dog over 6 months) is tested for heartworm. A dog can test negative after an exposure and not test positive for up to a year following. We can not prevent or predict this experience or promise future treatments- only that dogs are currently testing negative. Heartworm testing must be performed yearly.

All dogs are extensively tested against other dogs varying in sizes and in ages. Unless very clearly stated- in an individual pets adoption ad -we have found the dogs to be overall dog friendly and tolerant of interactions with other dogs. Keep in mind, animals are PREDICTABLY UNPREDICTABLE. No evaluation can guarantee the individual response of one animal to another and so adopters must have the skill and confidence to handle new adult dogs in new interactions.

Please note there is a $25 appointment cancellation fee. We ONLY set up meets with approved adopters. Also, we do not “hold” dogs for any length of time once an application is approved (example: vacations, moving, travel). Please only apply if you are truly ready *now* to bring a new dog into your home. If you come out for your meet, unless it is not a fit, expect to take your pet and supply package home to start your in home trial. If an in home trial is unsuccessful we can either try another pet or return no judgment. There is a non refundable one time trial fee $100-$250, this portion of the adoption fee will absorb any cost of resources used during our application and trial process. Any adoption fee listed has this fee built into it - it is not in addition to adoption fee.

Before your visit please check out our social media and reviews. When you arrive you should already feel confident in your choice to adopt from Furever Yours Rescue . You are welcome to check in with our primary veterinarians Hatfield Vet Clinic or Springfield Vet Clinic for a referral as well. 🥰

No restrooms are available. There’s a public restroom in a Giant at the corner.

Appointment times are not figurative they are exact- each appointment is allowed one hour and must conclude at the scheduled time.

Foster homes are private residences as is the rescues kennel license address. Do not come to any Furever address without a scheduled appointment. Never enter the premises without permission- do not access gates or doorways without property owner present.

We accept payment in Cash or check. PayPal or Venmo accepted with additional $25 service fee.

By applying through this page you acknowledge you have reviewed the pets biography and posted adoption fee, and agree to the terms above.