Rescue Stories

Furever has found FurEver homes for hundreds of dogs and cats. We attempt, especially with those with special needs or just are too cute, not to give them extra loving, write a story and take some photos. Here are the latest of those stories.

If you have rescued one of our animals and want to share their stories with us and our visitors, please use this Link.

Saturday May 25, 2024

The true impact of a rescue

My heart fell in love with Gizmo. We rescued each other and there will never be another baby girl like Gizmo. We did everything together.

Walk together, shopped together, went for hikes and many adventures together. Every night she would sleep next to me, be at the bottom of my bed on my feet in the morning and then army craw right up to my face and give me a kiss to let me know that it was time to get up and go outside and start the day.

I'm still in the stage of grieving. On October 2nd her cancer was so bad and she was in pain. I had to make the hardest decision that I feel that I ever had to make. She walked into the veterinarians office willingly without a leash or a muzzle. I had to say goodbye even though I didn't want to. My life has been a Rollercoaster and in 2017 I became in need of an ESA. Gizmo and I met in an Expo. Her personality when we met just spoke to me and we were meant to be a team. I have been through so much trauma and setbacks but with her by my side I could do it. She has been there for me and I've been there for her. Only the best for my baby girl. Many have asked me will I be getting another ESA dog. I just try so hard not to cry and as I say , "EVENTUALLY but I can't right now" all I want to really do is say Gizmo!!! I want Gizmo!!! Even though I know it's not possible and that she's in a better place now, I did my best and gave her loving forever home.

When ever I see a dog that even looks like her I ask the owners kindly if I can pet her and they are nice enough to let me. I can't help but shed tears. I miss her so much. I feel a little lost without her. She has helped me through 2 concussion recoveries, one job loss, a really dark moment in my life battling with my depression and deficits, a TBI and 9 months that it took to platue to whom I am today and covid. She was a ESA and much more.

I wish to eventually find that type of relationship again but fear that non will ever be like Gizmo but hope to find a similar match in the near future. Gizmo was a dog that prior to me was said to be 4 or 5 years old only to find out from my vets down in Doylestown that she was more like 5-7. I didn't care about her age only her happiness, safety, and health. I just wish I could have had more time with her. She was re-homed 2 times I couldn't believe that she had to deal with that she was the best dog ever.

So with it and in tune to emotions and my needs as well as for others needs she would pick up and know then she'd comfort and as for me use pressure point with paws and one time. Literally stopped me and saved my life. I can only hope that the next companion can fill the big paw prints on my heart that she left behind. #1 the dog will come to me (same as Gizmo did and choose me) not the other way around. #2 must be a work dog and a rescue. #3 must enjoy traveling, being spoiled and love hugs and snuggling. #4 vocal and sing with me, love hikes, going everywhere. Meet Gizmo she lived out her days happy and lived a good rest of her life with me her forever home.

Settled in Nicely

Since we found ChiChi (formerly Astor) we are happy to report she's.

She is getting along great with our pug and cat. Sleeps with us in bed. Loves kisses and cuddles. Can't believe how much she can eat as a little girl! She has brought joy back into our home after losing our Greyhuahua Bunny. Thank you Dottie and Scott.

Sweet Protective and Loyal

Gemilli updates make my day! She was another tricky behavior girl who was just too much for some. But after one failed attempt I found the perfect fit!! Words from her adopter

“She is doing great. My sons dog comes over all the time and they are best friends. She adjusted really quick to the new house and family. My youngest loves her to death. We go to the beach at least once a week and she “guards” me against anyone else coming near.

She won’t bark or growl but she sits and watches their every move or paces back and forth a few yards from me making sure everyone keeps their distance” swoon! Yup that’s my gem- sweet protective and loyal❤️ and now she’s home furever!

We Love Her so Much

Thank you for adopting Athena (Shrimp)into our family. Everyone is getting into a routine.

She’s really come out of her shell. She’s still nervous with people but is improving with strangers and walks. We love her so much, she’s perfect for our house.

By chance meeting!

Two Furever Yours adopters met by chance at Harford dog park in Radnor yesterday: Lisa, who adopted Lola (now Rain) about 5 years ago, and Kim, who adopted Karma (aka Cookie Monster) about 6 weeks ago.

Rain and Karma look like cousins but Lola is from Puerto Rico and Cookie Monster is from South Carolina! Same fabulous fringy-fan tails and they enjoyed playing together.

Happy Gotcha Day

I met the most amazing people that brought my sweet baby girl into my life.

I could not be more thankful to you guys for bringing her into the world or into my home. happy gotcha day venus (aka jinora aka tinkerbell) !!! she’s grown so much in the last year physically and as a service dog and I've grown so much from having her in my life. Here’s some pictures to show her grow up in the last year💕

Wonderful Member of our Family.

Badger (formally Sheppy) is doing so very well! He is such a wonderful member of our family.

Badger came to us after we lost our dog, Moose. Not only were my husband and I lost without him, but as was our little Bear. Badger and Bear are learning how the other operates, and are enjoying the process. They make quite a pair! We couldn't be more grateful to Kristine and Dotti for finding the right home for Badger and the right dog for us. It was truly a match made in heaven Thank you for making our family whole again!

Update about 2 yrs later
Our sweet boy, Badger (formerly Sheppy) has been enrolled in Basic & Advanced Training for the past few months. He’s successfully completed 5 one on one lesson. Tomorrow he begin a two week immersive training program with an incredible instructor. It’s going to be hard without our sweet Badger for the next two weeks. However, both he and we will benefit from this training. A lot of times it comes down to the dog owners understanding how to best support their furry family members and this is the perfect opportunity for both Badger and us. As a side note, Badger is the sweetest and most patient boy with our niece. So much so that her second word was, “Bahdgaa”. We’re grateful for him every day and I look forward to keeping you all updated on his progress!

She is a perfect match

Tina was adopted from Petsmart-Willow grove Everyday Adoption Center.

She has been renamed to Leia… as in Princess Leia! She is a perfect match for our family and so loving and loves to cuddle!

Pickles is adjusting well

Thank you, Furever family. Pickles is adjusting well. Such a sweet boy.❤️

So grateful for Furever Yours

Ozzy (formerly chandler) almost 3 of the friends litter had a great holiday!

He is super attached to his human pack and is a social eater (only eats his dinner when we are sitting down to eat). so grateful for Dottie Otti and Furever yours for matching us with this crazy guy.

Sensitive, Sweet, Love Bug

2 years ago today we brought home Layla from Journi’s litter.

Life hasn’t been the same since with this sensitive, sweet, love bug. We love her so much! Thank you Journi for such a sweet baby and Dottie, Furever Family for rescuing them. ❤️💕

Adjusting Well

Thank you for my awesome puppy. Came to us as Happy. He is an awesome addition to the family. The cats and dog are all adjusting well. His best friend is a 16 week kitten. He is a joy.

We love her so much

My family adopted Winnie (formally Inna) from FYR! We love her so much and she brings so much joy to us everyday!!

Enjoys Snuggling

Just an update on our Szera (Szerelem from the Love puppy litter). She has grown into such a beautiful girl.

She loves her family and is very protective. Enjoys snuggling with her elderly cat brother. Loves going on road trips to the mountains. Enjoys playing in water. Loves going to grandma’s house probably because she gets unlimited treats. Sits, shakes with both paws, lies down and comes on command.

Still pulls a bit during walks and still is a little skittish around men, but is getting better with time. Hates buses 🚌 😂 All in all we love her and are looking forward to finding a canine sibling soon for her, as she would make a great big sister 🐾

Tag Team Partner

Two years now with my little tag team partner. She now has my boyfriend wrapped around her little paw.

Karma is the BEST DOG

Celebrated Gotcha Day and Karma's 2nd birthday today doing her favorite activity: wrestling, running and playing in the stream with friends at a favorite dog park.

Her boyfriend Beau-the-Belgian was there and I took some photos. Karma is the BEST DOG. We love her so much! Thank you, Furever Yours, for bringing "Cookie Monster" into our lives!

Absolute Goofball

We've had Oskar (Grits) for a little over a year now! I can't believe how he's grown.

From a nervous little 35 pound fella to a 70 pound absolute goofball, we're so proud of how far he's come! 🥰 Thank you For saving him from North Carolina!

I'm furever grateful

I adopted Licorice in July 23, and then Tony in Aug 23.

Dotti, you and Sarah really went out of your way, above and beyond to help and guide me through a challenging first few weeks with my sweet little panthers, and I'm furever grateful 🙏.

Faithful Dog

We adopted Waffles end of December and already he has become the most faithful dog.

I have been in bed with bronchitis for 2 weeks and he has not left my side. He’s come so far. Gained a little weight, 2 doggie spa trips, and outings in the car with mom, and lots of wrestling with his Australian Shepherd brother. He’s adapted so quickly!

Little Rastafarian

This is my “brother” Tory Tornado! Also know as Tory tot, tottles, tottykins, tottyboy! Two years ago (in September 2021) a tornado devastated this entire area.

I was online when I saw the rescue needed fosters due to being affected by said tornado. I went and met Tory, then know as Mr. big, who just looked like a worn down little Rastafarian (his dread locks were no joke!)… I fostered him for two weeks before my parents completely fell in love. You see, my mom was also affected by the tornado. She was inside a school building as it was directly hit. Her trauma led to her finding comfort in Tory tot, and not to mention my dads wanted another dog for years!!

They fell head over heels for him, and named him Tory after the tornado but also for his extremely “upbeat” (putting it nicely 😂) personality. They adopted him, he quickly became my dads favorite child, and it’s been a sibling love hate relationship for me ever since. 😂❤️below are his before and after photos!!

Volunteering for about Two Years now

I have been volunteering with Furever Yours for about two years now, and I have fallen in love with all of the cats.

I love being able to help people find the cat that belongs in their own family, and helping with the adoptions is very rewarding. In November of 2022, we got a cat named Phillie at the Petsmart in Willow Grove, and he captured my heart immediately. I knew he was supposed to be with us, so my fiance and I adopted him. At home, our senior cat, Lucky, wasn't sure about him at first, but eventually Reggie (that was what we renamed him) won her over.

Sadly, Lucky passed away in May of 2023, and after a few months, we decided to open our hearts once again. We got a litter of kittens at the store, and we brought home Cabbage, the kitten that purred as soon as we pet him, and renamed him Vinny. He and Reggie were friends immediately, and we adore them both. Reggie is the best big brother, and Vinny is a ball of love and energy. Furever Yours is a wonderful organization, and without them, we wouldn't have our two favorite little guys.

My Soul Dog

We adopted Luna from Furever Yours back in 2019- it’ll be 4 years this November.

We believe she was about 5 or 6 years old when we got her, and is husky/shepherd mix (She’s a howler😂). She is the dog that I never knew I needed aka my soul dog. She is my shadow and is soooo attached to me, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I noticed that she had two lumps on her belly that we had removed because they were on her mammary chain. All I can say is thank God that we did! They unfortunately ended up being malignant. We were devastated, but we followed up with an oncologist and thankfully our vet took wide enough margins and the cancer didn’t spread🙏🏼 Since then, she has had another small lump removed also on her belly; however, that one was benign. We continue to have our vet do multiple checks a year just to ensure we don’t miss anything. I truly believe that we saved her life by adopting her through Furever Yours.

If we didn’t, who knows if her previous owners would’ve taken her to get checked, and then she may not be here today. Although our other dog Winston is very independent, he and Luna are the best of friends. They get along great and she is the biggest protector of him. They are great companions. He is definitely the annoying brother she probably never wanted, but they are so funny to watch when you they play. My husband and I always joke that Luna gets “fomo,” because she needs to be involved in everything that we do. She is always afraid that she’s missing out on something. We’re so grateful for Furever Yours for bringing Luna bear into our lives! She truly is the most loving, gentle giant and completed our family.

She's our Angel Baby Floof!

We adopted Nilla who was formerly known as “Cha Cha” at the rescue in the midst of her healing from a rough go at it on the streets of Philly!

In our eyes she was perfect the day we got her, but looking back now it’s remarkable how much can change in 2 years with patience, care, and love! She brightens our day with her smile, personality, and snuggles. SHE’S OUR ANGEL BABY FLOOF